Lunawa Nagar is situated at the foot of aravali range of mountains, 16km east of falna railway station (C/W railway). It is believed that the about 600 years ago Lunawa village was situated about 1km away near aravali range.Population of our village is approximately 17036 . It has 650 houses of Jain samaj.

       We are rich in our Jain Temple. Shree Adeshwar Bhagwan Temple. Shree Padmaprabhu Swami Temple, Shree Shantinathji Jain Temple. Shree Vasupujya Swami Jain Mandir and dadawadi. Shree Nageshwar Parswanath Jinalaya Bhadrank Nagar, Western entrance is just 1.5km from our village. We also have Shavik Upashraya & Ayambil Khate.

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