Technology in communication is changing by leaps & bounds. Distances are not counted in miles & kilometers but by minutes & second. Are we keeping pace with it ???..If we do not keep pace with it, we will be left far behind.

Mobile has brought revolution in India , computers & internet will bring same revolution in shortest period of time. Today all government works are done through internet. Railway e-ticket, i-ticket, PNR Status and reservation status are there at a click of mouse in minutes.
Aiming to keep pace with changing mass communication we are please to introduce website through which various programs can be brought to your doorsteps .It can be accessed through internet anywhere, anytime, throughout the world.

This website has feature like Lunawa village history, geographical location in world map, temples, bhojanshalas, upashraya, educational institutions, diksha information, health care facilities & very important feature “directory of our members” .

There might be some teething problems in beginning but with your esteem co-operation, we will overcome it. We will try to improve it with your suggestions & add new features with your co-operation.

Last but not least with the blessings of Param Parmeshwar, Guru Bhagwants & with your co-operations we will make this website a grand success.


Lunawa Jain Sangh
Jai Hind Estate,
A-1, 2nd floor, Room No 3A, Dr. Aatmaram Merchant Road, Bhuleshwar,
Tel - 22036055
Timing:- 3 pm to 5 pm(Saturday)

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